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QUESTEK Technology 

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Airport Security Gates

Process passengers quickly without compromising airport security
Questek's solutions for airport security move your passengers quickly through pre-security to the boarding gate whilst maintaining the high levels of security you require.
Facilitate the movement of passengers

Less time spent queuing means passengers can spend more time in the commercial areas of your airport.

Maintain high security standards

National security standards are met at all stages of passenger processing – pre-security, boarding, immigration and after baggage collection.

Streamline the whole passenger process

Questek provides airport security solutions for pre-security gates, immigration gates, boarding gates and anti-return gates.

Connectivity with your systems

Questek's airport security solutions are accredited by airport authority standards for connection to the CUTE® system, helping to simplify passenger travel.

Reduce your operating costs

Automated systems at pre-security, immigration and boarding require less staff involvement allowing them to focus on other duties.

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